Ukrainian Indictment Claims $7.4 Billion Obama-Linked Laundering, Puts Biden Group Take At $16.5 Million

Joe and Hunter Biden

An indictment drawn up by Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor General against Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky claims that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their ‘services’ – according to Ukrainian MP Alexander Dubinsky of the ruling Servant of the People Party.

Dubinsky made the claim in a Wednesday press conference, citing materials from an investigation into Zlochevsky and Burisma.

“Zlochevsky was charged with this new accusation by the Office of the Prosecutor General but the press ignored it,” said the MP. “It was issued on November 14.”

“The son of Vice-President Joe Biden was receiving payment for his services, with money raised through criminal means and money laundering,” he then said, adding “Biden received money that did not come from the company’s successful operation but rather from money stolen from citizens.”

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Trump Scores In Alabama

Trump University of Alabama

You may or may not remember that Trump was booed at the Washington Nationals game a couple of weeks ago and the media framed this as the sentiment of the country. The same happened when he was greeted with a mixture or boos and cheers at a MMA (Mixted Martial Arts) match at Madison Square Garden (New York City) earlier this month.

Well today Trump was at the capicity #1 Alabama vs #2 LSU game in Tuscaloosa, AL. Not surprisingly he was cheered as loudly as if Alabama scored the game winning touchdown:

A few lessons in my opinion. Trump politics, like real estate, is all about location, location, location. It is meaningless how much people in New York, DC, Massachusetts, Maryland, California, Oregon, Washington, etc. or the mainstream media feel about him. Absolutely not one iota. There is no changing their minds or the way they spin Trump.

The Red and Purple State are an entirely different matter. The Reddest of States absolutely love Trump and will vote for him no matter what. The Red States will most likely vote for him unless something very strange happens and the purple states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Florida, Minnesota, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and others I may have left out, are the ones that we need to worry about.

One last thing. When you hear of these polls where X Candidate is beating Trump by Y Percentage. Meaningless, because it is early and more important and these polls don’t consider the electoral college!